In response to my last post, readers sent in suggestions for other “chatbots” — artificially intelligent avatars.

David Deubelbeiss, the founder of EFL Classroom 2.0, recommended Dave. He also wrote:

“I’m working with another person to develop a bot for students where you don’t have to type! This is a significant drawback for ELLs. The model is to have a menu of selected questions/replies which the students click . This is converted into speech and then Dave replies. ”

By the way, there have been a lot of recent upgrades to EFL Classroom 2.0, so if you haven’t gone there recently I’d encourage you to make a visit.

Alicia Rey, an EFL teacher in Argentina,  also sent in a link to George.

English Language Learners would find both useful.

Thanks to David & Alicia for sharing the links!