It’s time for another addition to my ever-growing series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.

As regular readers now, this “The Best…” list shares free online applications that are free, accessible to English Language Learners, do not require registration, and let users create online content easily and quickly that can be hosted by the site itself.

Here are the latest sites that fit this criteria (or, at least most of it):

CREATE 3-D ART WITH CUBES: Cubescape lets you use cubes to create artwork, which you can then save into a gallery. Demo Girl has a nice screencast giving details on how to use the site.

“MORPH” AN ANIMAL INTO A HUMAN: I learned about You Wild from the Langwitches blog. It is weird, but could be a fun way to reinforce animal vocabulary for English Language Learners. One thing about it is a little strange though — before you save your creation there’s a pop-up that says by saving it you’re committing to being over eighteen years of age. I really don’t understand why that caveat is needed, since you’re just making bizarre pictures.

MAKE AN EASY SLIDESHOW WITH CAPTIONS & MUSIC: I posted about Moblyng a few days ago. Even though I’ve included slideshow applications in previous editions of this list, Moblyng clearly is the most sophisticated, yet accessible, one that doesn’t require registration.

POST AN IMAGE OR DOCUMENT & GET FEEDBACK ON IT: Last week I also wrote a post about a new tool called Backboard that lets you post something you write, or an image, and then lets people write comments on it.

CREATE YOUR OWN ZOO: ROAR is another site I’ve recently posted about. It doesn’t quite fit my criteria since you have to register to use it, but it’s so easy to do so I decided to include it on this list. Users can create their own zoo and mail the url address to a friend for posting on a blog or online journal.

RECORD THE LOG OF A CONVERSATION YOU HAVE WITH A “CHATBOT”: I posted earlier today about George, a “chatbot” recommended by Alicia Rey. One feature that I neglected to mention in that post is that you can email a record of your conversation with the “bot.” It doesn’t actually have its own url (you’d have to copy and paste it on a blog or online journal from the body of the email), but it could be a very useful asset for English Language Learners and their teacher.

MIX AND MATCH A STRANGE  MUSIC VIDEO: You can easily create a strange music video with the Coke Videomixer. The site is in Dutch, but it’s easy enough to figure out by anybody. Students can make a video and then email it to a teacher or friend to post the url on a blog or online journal. English Language Learners can then describe what they’ve created.

Links to all these sites will also eventually be included on my website under Examples Of Student Work.