It’s time for the fifth edition of the bi-monthly ELL/ESL/EFL Blog Carnival. Bloggers from thoughout the world who teach English Language Learners have contributed some great posts.

The next edition will be published on August 1st and the deadline for contributions is July 31st. You can use this easy submission form.

Starting with the August edition, different bloggers will be taking turns hosting each Carnival. David Deubelbeiss, the founder and coordinator of EFL Classroom 2.0, will be our next host. David has some fun ideas about turning this next Carnival into a contest. He’ll be announcing details soon on EFL Classroom 2.0, and I’ll be reprinting it here.

Let me know if you’d be interested in hosting future editions of the ELL/ESL/EFL Blog Carnival.

And, now, here are this month’s exceptional contributions (I’m a little tired today, so sorry if the listing is a little “dry”::

Since David Deubelbeiss will be the host of the next Carnival, I think we should start off with his excellent and timely post on The Mars Mission and Your Classroom.

Sebastian Mercado wrote about a neat Web 2.0 application called iSketch and shared an absolutely wonderful video of his students playing charades that you just have to watch.

Mary Ann Zehr, writer of the must-read EdWeek blog Learning The Language, contributed an excellent post (and don’t miss the comments, too) on ELL’s “Are Sick Of” Writing Their Immigration Story.

Lifting The Curtain To Share My Coordinate Graphing Lesson comes from my Sacramento colleague, Alice Mercer, who writes about a neat use of VoiceThread.

A helpful lesson plan for Earth Day was sent in by Sabrina De Vita.

James Feudo contributed Public Speaking Tips: Five Tips For ESL Speakers

The Learn English– English Speaking Tutorial blog wrote Apostrophe Usage — It’s A Blast! and When Is A Question An Indirect Question.

Eric Koshinsky submitted How To Teach Speaking.

ESL Trail wrote Why Phonics For ELLs/ESOL Students?

1 Language wrote about the Advantages Of Learning With Phonics.

Thanks again to the contributors from around the world!