Yesterday I posted about Tutpup, a math and spelling game site that I think has a lot of potential for English Language Learners.

In my post I shared a couple of questions I had emailed to the site to clarify if it was as good as I thought it might be. I just received their response, and am pleased to say that they have both of the features I was concerned about (it wasn’t very clear on their webpages).

Here were my questions, followed by their responses in italics:

I’m unclear about what teacher sign-up does. Will I then be able to see online what my students have done on your site?

Yes – you will be able to see what your students have done on the site. We plan to add a better explanation on the teacher sign-up page to encourage teachers to register.

Is there any way for students to just compete with other students in the same class?  Or, perhaps, with other classes with whom we have a relationship?

Yes they can if they tell each other what each other’s user names are. We will add more features in this area in the future.

If you have your students try Tutpup, please share their experience in the comments section.