Even though I use a lot of technology in my personal and professional life, I still, in my heart, am a Luddite and am technologically incompetent.

One thing that has annoyed me is the difficulty in copying and pasting text from a PDF document I find on the Internet. Sometimes I see a portion of a document, for example, on language learning research that I want to email to someone, but it won’t allow me to extract a portion of the text.

Now, I’m sure there’s probably some very easy way around this problem, but the problem hasn’t occurred often enough for me to want to figure out how to get around it. Now, though, I just learned about a free online application that lets me insert the PDF and, in seconds, come out with an editable text from the PDF. It’s called PDF Text Online. It works like a charm, and certainly serves my purposes.

I’ll be placing the link to it somewhere on my Teacher’s Page.