Today was the last day of our regular school year. I’ll continue to write here daily, but probably not the usual number of multiple posts.

I’ll be spending the summer teaching Economics to English Language Learners, working on two major writing projects, playing basketball, spending time with family, and just plain relaxing when I can.

I’ll also be doing some preparation for the fall. I’ll be teaching two periods of United States History to Intermediate English Language Learners — one class will be using technology 75% of the time and the other class will be spending my more typical 20% of time in the computer lab and using what I like to think of as my typical engaging non-tech engaging curriculum. I’ll be periodically using a number of assessments, including self-assessments, to compare results from the two. Any suggestions for how to do that are appreciated.

I’ll also be teaching a ninth-grade English class to mainstream students, as well as an Intermediate English class. And, of course, I’ll be helping out with our ESL Computer Lab and our Family Literacy Project providing home computers and Internet access to immigrant families.

In August, we’ll be gearing up for our Sister Classes Project again as well. We now have Intermediate English classes in ten countries interested in participating. There’s always room for more!

A local affordable housing organization that has computer labs in its developments is interested in using our ESL Computer Lab model of using computers to help develop face-to-face relationships. They’ve also begun distributing computers to their residents where they have Internet access for their developments, and are using our Family Literacy Project as their model for that program. So it will be interesting to see how that goes in the fall, too.