Here’s the latest edition of my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly. This “mini-series,” of course, is part of the larger series of my “The Best…” lists, which now number over eighty since last December.

In order to make it on this list, sites need to be free; require no registration; provide an opportunity for users to create engaging content that is hosted by the site itself, and be accessible to English Language Learners.

Here are the latest additions:

CREATE A VISUAL INTERPRETATION OF A POEM: Choose a poem, and then put together visual and sound effects to go along with it by using the BBC Poetry Engine. You can read my post about it here.

SEND AN E-CARD ABOUT THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: HD Greetings has some exceptionally slick E-Cards you can personalize based on who you support in the U.S. Presidential election. In fact, they have E-Cards for other occasions, too, that are worth a look.

CREATE A WORD-CLOUD: Wordle is a neat application that lets you create a “word cloud” for text of your choosing. You can read my post about it for further information.

WRITE A JULY 4TH E-CARD: With the U.S. Independence Day coming-up, students can choose E-Cards to send from either Blue Mountain or American Greetings.

WRITE A CAPTION (OR A SHORT ESSAY) WITH A PHOTO: Fine Tuna lets you write lengthy captions or speech bubbles, plus others can comment on it. Read my previous post for more details.

SEND A BASTILLE DAY CARD: July 14th is Bastille Day in France. Why not send an E-Card celebrating it?

EMAIL A SINGING TELEGRAM: Write a message that a cheezy lounge singer from Kakomessenger will sing to the recipient. They’ll see the words, too.

DESIGN YOUR OWN PERFUME BOTTLE: There’s not much more I can say about the Eau De Sugar site.

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