On my recent “The Best Ways To Create Online Polls & Surveys” I wrote that I couldn’t find any sites that would allow me to create a poll for free (that allowed more than one question and multiple answers) and provide security to prohibit people from voting more than one time.

I’m happy to say I was wrong.

Abbey Keck from Visu (the site I ranked as number two on the list) wrote in and clarified that they do indeed provide automatic security to ensure that people don’t vote more than once. In fact, she wrote:

” …We use a more sophisticated technique than IP address blocking. Services that only limit votes by IP address are less accurate.”

So not only do they provide a free service, and let you add images to your polls, they do indeed provide the security I want for my experiment in involving readers voting on some of my “The Best…” lists.  I’ll be trying it out here soon.

I’m also suggesting to Visu that they might want to consider making it clear on their site that they provide this excellent feature.  I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere.