I’ve very briefly mentioned Synthasite, a website-building application, in the past. I thought it was okay, but that there were better similar tools out there.

The Webware blog posted today about a pretty major overhaul of the site, and compared it favorably to Wix, which I’ve recently written about.

I checked-out Synthasite’s new look, and also was impressed. I’d say it, like Wix, is a bit too complicated to have my students use, but teachers might want to create resources using it.

I do have one major reservation, though — it took a very long time to load, both at home and at school. It might just be getting a lot of traffic today. But I’d probably shy away from it if this was typical. (Note: A staffperson from the site just left a comment saying they would fix the loading problem shortly)

You can find a link to Synthasite, along with links to many other web-building tools, on my website under Website Development.