During the past several months I’ve been on the “look-out” for a “community” art-making application on the web. I thought it would be neat if students in a our international Sister Classes Project could easily share their artwork.

Unfortunately, even though there are quite a few web tools out there that let people cooperate on creating art, I couldn’t find one that had safeguards that would allow allow them to be used in the classroom.

Now, though, I’ve found The Broth.

It lets you create password-protected private “rooms” where people can cooperate on creating a piece of art. In addition, it has a chat component that lets you talk with people who are in the room at the same time. With our Sister Classes project, it’s unlikely because of time zone differences that we can make that happen. However, the chat messages remain, so students can leave messages about what and why they’ve contributed to the community art work.

I’m also adding The Broth to my The Best Online Tools For Collaboration — NOT In Real Time.