Book Goo is a new tool that’s supposed to allow you to upload documents webpages and then annotate and share them.

It has a number of features in common with The Awesome Highlighter. Two major differences — that I see, at least — are that you have to register with Book Goo (though it is very easy to do so) while you don’t have to with The Awesome Highlighter) and the much bigger difference is that the Awesome Highligher works and Book Goo does not appear to do so — at least not today. I couldn’t upload any webpages at all. 

If Book Goo can get that feature working, it could be a very helpful tool for English Language Learners and other students.   It does have a neat drawing tool that lets you circle and mark-up the sheet, and it lets groups of people work on the same document.

I’ve emailed them about the problem, and will update readers when, and if, I get s response.