Some subscribers who use Google Reader to get updates from this blog might have started to recently experience delays of a day or two in receiving posts. If you’ve noticed this problem, it’s because you have been subscribing to this blog since before January (thank you!), which is when, thanks to becoming an Edublogs Supporter (which I encourage everybody to do) I was able to have readers who subscribed after that date to use a feed from Feedburner. There haven’t been any problems with that feed.

Since there have been similar problems (in fact, much worse) with Bloglines, I’d encourage all Google Reader and Bloglines readers who subscribed to this blog before January to re-subscribe through the Feedburner feed by just clicking here, if you’re not already doing so. It couldn’t be more simple to do.

You can also subscribe to the Feedburner feed by clicking on the RSS Subscribe button on the upper right hand corner of this page. In fact, the Feedburner feed is the one you get now when subscribing to this blog using RSS in any way.

I assume these Google and Bloglines RSS Reader problems will resolve themselves eventually, but you never know — it could also get worse. I figure it’s “better to be safe than sorry!” You certainly don’t want to miss any posts!