(Alice Mercer was kind enough to send out a message via Twitter letting people know about the feed problems with this blog and directing them to a post I wrote earlier about how they could fix it http://tinyurl.com/ferlazzo . I don’t use Twitter, so would appreciate it if other readers out there would be open to letting their “followers” know, too. Thanks!)

I’ve written a few times about some problems people have been having with receiving updated feeds from this blog via Google Reader and Bloglines. Feedburner is now fixed, so please re-subscribe using the newer Feedburner feed This issue only relates to people who have subscribed prior to January using those two RSS Readers (and that includes over 400 people) — anyone who has subscribed since then is already using the Feedburner feed and shouldn’t be having any problems.

So if you haven’t been getting new posts from this blog each day this week, you probably need to get the Feedburner feed.

Other RSS Readers don’t appear to be having any issues, so I think this only relates to “older” Google and Bloglines subscribers.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the problem appears to be out of my control.

I’ll also probably be running this same post now and then so that people who just “drop by” get the word, too.