I’ve been thinking more and more about using something like Selfcast to have my students do a videocast as part of our International Sister Classes Project. I know people left suggestions about other sites besides Selfcast in the comments section of that post, but, at least for now, it seems like that application is the best one out there for what I’d like to do (you can read that post for why I think that way).

As I was thinking, I remembered a web tool called CuePrompter that I heard about several months ago but never posted here. It very easily turns your computer into a teleprompter — something that would come in quite handy for the kind of videocast I have in mind — maybe a series of very, very simple and very short “newscasts” about events in U.S. History (I’ll be using this in a U.S. History class).

I’ve placed both links — to Selfcast and CuePrompter on my website under Video.