Learn It Lists is a new vocabulary-learning application. You first register by saying what language you want to learn and listing your native language. You then go through a series of steps (learn, listen, speak, write) for vocabulary word lists that show the words in the language you want to learn and in your native language.

It’s all free except for what I see as the most important part, which is the teacher-generated audio pronunciations. Those you have to pay for. However, other native-speakers of the language you’re learning can record the words and you can listen to those sounds for free.

Unfortunately, the words are not provided in any context, which reduces the site’s value in second-language learning. If, though, the teacher audio examples were provided for free (and they just used an advertiser-supported economic model) then “Learn It Lists” would still have a chance to make it on one of my “The Best…” lists. But, with both of those negatives I’d have to say there are other places you’d probably want to look at for specific vocabulary-building and you can look on my website under Vocabulary for those links.