This is a one-of-a-kind “The Best…” list.

I don’t think any of the sites on this list are very accessible to English Language Learners. Those sites can be found at The Best News/Current Events Websites For English Language Learners.

This list is just a collection of links I’ve been accumulating for applications that visually represent current news in particularly unusual ways. I wouldn’t get my news from them, but I thought readers might find them intriguing to glance through. I do admire the creativity of their designers, though. And I do think that some of my mainstream students might find them interesting.

It’s pretty difficult for me to describe them, so I’ll just list them here and let you discover how they work on your own.

Here are my choices for The Best Visually Engaging News Sites:

* Newsola

* Newser, This site shows a large grid of news photos, along with a headline, short description, its source, and how long ago it has been published.  If you move your cursor to the “more” section of each photo, you get a longer summary.


Pale Blue News is an intriguing ways to access and visualize current events.

Realtime is a free site that uses Artificial Intelligence to distill current news into visualizations. I found it very intriguing though, since it uses AI (which, we all know, cannot be full trusted to be accurate), I wouldn’t necessarily buy into anything there until it was double-checked.

Feel free to offer additional suggestions.