I review a lot sites and post their links here. However, url addresses change and resources get taken off-line. I thought I’d write a quick post reminding readers of how I handle verifying links.

Every site I post about in this blog also gets placed in a section of my website, which is designed for student-self-access. In most blog posts I mention under which section it can be found on that site.

I verify all links on my website — now totaling over 8,000 resources that are accessible to English Language Learners — two or three times each year, and remove dead-links. For sites that I think are particularly useful, I try to find if they’ve just been moved to another address.

If during the process of verifying links on my website I find dead-links for sites that I’ve reviewed here, I do not go back and remove the posts or make a note in them that they’re no longer active. I just don’t have time to make those changes.

However, I do go back and update links on any of my “The Best….” lists if I find one of those resources has been removed from the web or had its address change.