Ana Maria Menezes, my colleague in our International Sister Classes Project and in Learning With Computers, wrote a post today about Jog The Web (by they way, I’d encourage readers to check-out her blog — she shares a lot of good experiments she tries with Web 2.0 tools).

Jog The Web is a good tool that lets you easily create “tours” of webpages, and lets others leave comments on them. This kind of application is excellent for a variety of language-learning activities (Ana Maria has some ideas), including online scavenger hunts.

It’s very similar to Daft Doggy. However, Daft Doggy is getting ready to unveil a radical revision of its site, which will be much more attractive and incorporate audio comments. In addition, Flowgram, another tool with some pretty amazing abilities, will be open to the public in September.

In other words, Jog the Web is a very good tool for now, but within a month or two I think you’ll see it eclipsed by these two other sites, unless it, too, can upgrade its abilities.