Hear Who lets you copy and paste any text, and then hear the words spoken by your choice of computer-generated voices. No registration is required.

I have several similar online tools at the top of most of the pages on my website. They include:

Speaks for Itself
Voz Me

There are a few differences between those and Hear Who, though. It doesn’t appear that Hear Who has any restriction on the length of the text used, while these four do limit the amount of text. One nice feature these four have, though, is that you can see the text at the same time as it’s read to you. With Hear Who you have to open up two separate “windows” in order to do that.

Hear Who is designed to make the audio into downloadable mp3 files, but it also appears that it creates a unique url address for the audio that you can link to and save.

YAKIToMe does something similar, with a better audio quality. The only minor disadvantage is that you have to register to use that service.

The ability for English Language Learners to hear the text spoken as they are reading it is very helpful. Hear Who is brand-new and still developing. It might be a good tool to have available.

Thanks to the Make Use Of blog for the info.