Though none of these new sites made my year-end list, The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly — 2008, there are still some intriguing and useful web applications here.

Sites that make this series of lists either have obvious language-learning opportunities or, if they’re not obvious, at the very least students can use them to create something they can post online and then describe.

Here are my latest picks:

CREATE YOUR OWN MIDDLEMAN: This is apparently connected to a television show that I’ve never heard of, but it lets you design and email your own avatar.

MAKE A LINO-PRINT: Here again I have to plead my ignorance — I had never heard of lino-printing before. But you can make one here online. The site focuses on creating one for a contest that’s only open to students in the UK, but after you’re finished you’re given the option of emailing the link to a friend, too.

WRITE YOUR OWN SCIENCE FICTION COMIC BOOK STORY: Create your own story of the future and imagine what life will be like forty years from now.

SEND A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS: They’re Beautiful will let you pick flowers, and write a message to go along with it. You can then post the link online.

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