It’s time for another installment of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.

Here are some new sites I’ve found since I published my “year-end” list The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly — 2008:

MAKE LETTERS DANCE: Fontpark allows you create neat-looking animations of letters. The pre-made fonts are in Japanese, but you can add letters from other alphabets quite easily. You’re then given a unique url for your creation.

WRITE A FORTUNE FOR A FORTUNE COOKIE: Unfortunate lets you do just that. There are other similar web applications out there, but those seemed to have example fortunes that were inappropriate for the classroom.

MAKE A GUMMY BEAR VIDEO: Here’s a fun activity for English Language Learners: First, go to the GummyNizer. Then, create a song by dragging and dropping word blocks. Next, a Gummy Bear will perform the song. Finally, you can email and post the url address of your creation.

MAKE A TALKING TOMATO: At Fodey you can create “talking” (with speech bubbles) tomatoes, flowers, owls, squirrels, etc. You then are given an embed code for your creation.

CREATE A TALKING ANIMAL: Talking Pets lets you do it.  You can choose a pet picture, or upload your own. Then, using the text-to-speech feature, you can have it say a short message, then email the link for posting on a blog or website.

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