Feed My In Box is a nifty new web application that lets you subscribe by email to any RSS feed by just entering the website url address and your email address. It’s even easier than completing an Feedburner subscription form like the one here for this blog (though, since it’s a brand new service, I can’t vouch for its reliability yet, while Feedburner seems to work perfectly).

It seems to me that one of the main advantages to Feed My Box is (assuming it is not blocked where you are) that it lets people subscribe to blogs and sites that might be blocked by content filters (for example, teachers if they want to subscribe to education blogs that might be blocked at their school) or by people in countries where the blog hosting services are blocked (like Edublogs in China).

Even though Feedburner works great, the problem is that you have to get to the site to complete the subscription form. That can be problematic if the site is blocked in the first place.  Feed My In Box solves that problem.