I “jumped the gun” by a few hours and posted the most recent ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival a little early. David Deubelbeiss form EFL Classroom 2.0 sent in his contribution before the official deadline, but after I had published it. It’s been added to the original post, and here it is again — Tips For Learning Languages.

I figured I’d also take this opportunity to share some updates about EFL Classroom 2.0, which is on The Best Resource Sites For ESL/EFL Teachers list.

David’s begun a Professional Development page with lots of resources for teachers.

And, since EFL teachers are often far from their native countries,  EFL Classroom has begun a  “Homesick Playlist” contest for EFL teachers/students on EFL Classroom . The deadline is Oct. 15. The best Mixwit playlist wins a $100 Amazon certificate.