It’s time for the seventh edition of the ELL/ESL/EFL Blog Carnival. You can see the previous editions here.

The next edition will be published on December 1st, and will be hosted by Mary Ann Zehr at Learning The Language, the blog hosted by Education Week that focuses on English Language Learners. That blog is on The Best Ways To Keep-Up With Current ELL/ESL/EFL News & Research list.

The deadline for the next edition will be Friday, November 28th.  You can use this easy submission form to contribute posts you think are helpful to the practice of teaching English Language Learners.  Examples of student work are welcome.

Please let me know if you’d like to host future editions!

I’m still a little overwhelmed with the beginning of the new school year, and wasn’t really feeling particularly creative in how I listed contributions to this edition.  There were some excellent ones submitted,  and here they are:

Speaking of the Carnival’s next host, Mary Ann Zehr sent-in a post on The School System As Sorting Mechanism discussing immigrants students and families in New York City.

My extraordinary, and irreverent, Sacramento colleague, Alice Mercer, wrote Look Ma! I Can Decode Hangul…And Other Stupid Party Tricks.

Mathew Needleman shares an activity using music to help teach English in Teaching Parts of Speech.

EFL Geek, whom I have previously dubbed “The Dean of ESL/EFL Bloggers,” sent in a very helpful Ultimate Online Slideshow Guide which is a must-read for those who use web tools to create slideshows.

Nik Peachey writes how ELL teachers can Create Their Own Social Network In Seven Steps.

The One Language blog submitted a piece on Adjective Structure and another one on Homophones.

Meg contributed a piece on a classroom game called “Who Do You Love?”.

Challenge Language School invites other EFL/ESL classes to participate in a collaborative project.

Michael Reid considers the issue of “teaching to the test” in Greece in his post A Dog Less Wagged.

David Deubelbeiss From EFL Classroom 2.0 shares Tips For Learning Languages.

Drew writes on 10 Tips On How To Speak Effectively In Public.

“Glowing Face Man” shares his Golden Rule of Language Learning.

Thanks to all the contributors.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing the next edition!