Tizmos may just be what I’m looking for. It’s a super-easy way for users to save thumbnail images (and links) of their favorite websites on one page. Twice a week I bring my Intermediate English class to the computer lab, and it would be an easy way for each student to identify their favorites from among the 8,000 links on my website.

In addition, I can place a link to each student’s Tizmos page on my website so that the whole class can see each other’s choices.

I’m going to talk with the teachers who now supervise the after-school ESL Computer Lab our school. The Beginners class could use Tizmos the same way my Intermediate English class is going to use it, and the English Language Learners who are using the time to prepare for their Senior Project might find it useful to categorize research links.

The advantage Tizmos has over the sites listed in The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students is that it’s just so darn easy to set-up and use.