This is yet another installment in my “long-running” series highlighting web applications that allow English Language Learners (and any other non-tech savvy person) create engaging online content within minutes.

In addition to finding the previous twenty-three parts of this series under Websites of the Year, you can also find my picks of the best at The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly — 2008.

Again, in order to make it on this list, the site has to allow users to create content that provides some English-language learning opportunity, be very easy to use, and also host the user’s creation and provide a link to it that can be posted on a teacher or student blog/website.

Here are my latest picks:

DESIGN AN OUTFIT: The Bravo Channel’s popular Project Runway show lets you Design An Outfit.  You can post the url of your creation on your site/blog.  In addition to providing an opportunity for English Language Learners to develop vocabulary related to clothing, they can describe their “outfit.”  Perhaps a classroom discussion on anorexia would be timely, too?

CREATE A SINGING M & M: At the Candy Lab you can upload a picture, or use of theirs, to appear on an M & M candy. Then, using the site’s text-to-speech feature, you can have your candy talk or sing.

TALK LIKE A PIRATE: Drag-and-drop various pirate-like phrases and send a talking message (spoken by a pirate) to a friend.

MAKE YOURSELF INTO A SUPERHERO: At Make Me Super you can upload your picture and create a video of yourself as a superhero.

FEEL LIKE SINGING?: In another example of the ability to use viral marketing in English-language development, English Language Learners can go to the Nokia Musical Mighty site.  There, they can “plug-in” the kind of music they like, then upload their image or choose one on the site, and then, finally, using the text-to-speech feature, they develop their own lyrics to the song that will then be sung by a computer-generated voice. The link to the final result can be emailed or embedded.

RECORD A MILK COMMERCIAL: Create an animated milk commercial and post its link on your website, and/or send it to a friend.

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