Paul Hamilton has once again demonstrated why his blog is the first one I listed on The Best Blogs For Sharing Resources/Links – 2007 list.

Today, he shared about an exceptional reading and writing site called Tar Heel Reader. I immediately added it to The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers list.

You should definitely read Paul’s post about the site, but it basically provides two great services to beginning readers:

* It has 1,000 simple books with audio support for the text immediately accessible to Beginning English Language Learners.

* It makes it as simple as you can get for students to create their own “talking” books using images from Flickr.

I’ve placed the link on my website under Stories.

I was also considering adding it to The Best Websites For K-12 Writing Instruction/Reinforcement.  However, after thinking about it, I’ve decided to create a new “The Best…” list that will be titled The Best Places Where Students Can Write Online. I’ll be including Tar Heel Reader on that one. Look for it in a few weeks.