I briefly touched on Halloween-related celebrations around the world in The Best Websites For Learning About Halloween, but decided to add several more good links to that list that are specifically related to how it’s celebrated in Mexico and Latin America — as the Dia de Los Muertos.

These links, of course, are accessible to English Language Learners:

The Smithsonian’s Latin Center Theater of the Dead is very interactive, accessible, and informative.

Mr. Donn’s Day of the Dead page is not only accessible to ELL’s, it also has links to a number of good lesson plans.

Mex Connect has a lot of colorful images if you scroll down to the section titled “Images and Photos.”

The New York Times has a short slideshow on how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, all these links have also been added to “The Best…” Halloween list.