I’m adding Movie Lens to The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL.  It’s a new recommendation/search engine for movies, and it’s by far the most effective tool — for teachers, at least — I’ve found to search for movies.

The other typical sites that let you search for movies do it by genre (adventure, romance, etc.).  Movie Lens is the first that I’ve found that, in addition to searching by genre, lets you search by what they call “tags.”  For example, I searched for “World War II” and got an extensive list of World War II-related movies — a list that I would not have found through Amazon, Netflix, or any other tool on The Best Places To Get Blog, Website, , Book, Movie, & Music Recommendations list.

This is particularly helpful to me in the Social Science classes I teach to English Language Learners, where I often use short snippets of movies.