It’s Time To Feel Better is part of a new site sponsored by the CIGNA health insurance company. It’s a very ambitious (and quite accessible to English Language Learners with audio support for the text) interactive site with a ton of information about how health insurance works, along with information about the national health care debate that’s going on in the presidential election.

In addition, it has a Water Challenge quiz, and they say they will donate funds to help provide clean water to the developing world for every correct answer.

I’m certainly extremely suspicious of any political analysis of the health insurance debate coming from an insurance company. I didn’t have time to go through the whole site, but from what I did see it they tried to make that resource section somewhat objective.  I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else sees something I did not.

I’ll be placing the link on my website under Health, though I won’t be adding it to The Best Health Sites For English Language Learners.