I’ve just added CoSketch to both The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration and The Best Art Websites For Learning English.

It’s an easy way for English Language Learners and anyone else to collaboratively draw a picture.  There’s no real registration necessary, either.  You just go to the site, are given a private “virtual room” in which to begin drawing, and then you email the link to whoever else you want to participate.  While you’re drawing there’s also a text chat feature to communicate.  You can then save the image and either link to it or embed it in a student/teacher blog or website.

You can also upload a photo for sharing and discussing.

Students can develop their English skills by communicating via the chat room (for example, mine could do this project with other students in our International Sister Classes Project) and/or posting their image with a description.

The Broth is a similar application. The advantage with The Broth is that the chat messages remain permanently, while it appears with CoSketch that they disappear after you’re done. With CoSketch, though, since you don’t have to register it’s easier to use.