Get The Pic? Sure! is a new online game that would be accessible, though a bit challenging, to Intermediate English Language Learners.

I learned about it through the excellent Go To Web 2.0 blog. That post introduces the game’s creator, and some of the other neat games he’s come-up with.  They don’t have any language-development merit, but they sure look like fun!

To play “Get The Pic? Sure!,” you first pick three letters. Those letters then appear, along with blanks showing missing letters for that word. You can “buy” (with “play” money) guesses for those letters, and also get a clue showing a sentence that uses that word. If you don’t guess the word in the allotted time, you lose that round and the answer appears. And then it starts all over again.

I’ve placed the link on my website under Word and VIdeo Games.