Since a new category was just added to The Edublog Awards — for class blogs — I couldn’t resist nominating the Student Showcase blog from our International Sister Classes Project.

English Language Learner classes from secondary schools around the world cooperate to improve their English through the blog. They create presentations for authentic audiences. Classes from Spain, Japan, Portugal, the United States, and Kuwait are just a few of the countries represented.

And, speaking of the awards, I’d like to thank those of you who have nominated (or wrote they would have nominated if someone hadn’t beaten them to it) my blog in the Best Resource Sharing Blog category. Thanks to:

Free Technology For Teachers

Yes Tech!

Teachers At Risk

Kevin’s Meandering Mind

Creating Lifelong Learners

Miss W. And Her Smartboard

EFL Classroom 2.0 Teacher Talk

Incorporated Subversion

I’d also encourage everybody to go the Nominations page and check-out links to all the nominations that are being made. It’s a good way to learn about new (at least to me!) blogs.  James’ and Josie’s idea of having people publicly post their nominations and link to the Edublog Awards page was a great idea.

There’s still time to nominate blogs — the deadline is the end of this month.