Savvy Graph is the latest addition to The Best Places To Get Blog, Website,  Book, Movie, & Music Recommendations.

It’s slightly different from the other sites presently on that list, though.  Most of them will offer movie, music, book or website suggestions of other resources that are similar to the ones you like now.

If you type in the name of a book, author, musician, actor, or director into Savvy Graph, though, it will show you on one screen the Amazon consumer-rating for all of the items produced by that person.  In other words, it’s very easy to see which ones others considered the best and worst.

I could see some of my mainstream ninth-grader enjoying looking for a book from an author who has written many books using a web tool like this one.  It could help them narrow down the search.

Also, if you type in the subject of the book you’re looking for — let’s say “street gangs” — you can find all the books in that category and their customer ratings — again on one screen.

I figure that anything that will make reading, or even looking for high-interest books, a more engaging activity for my students is worth trying.