This blog has gotten quite a few new readers recently.   In addition, many readers might not have visited the blog in awhile and just received posts by email or RSS Reader.

Because of those two reasons, I thought it would be good to share links to other resources that I share on my blog’s “sidebar.”

These include:

A list of, and links to, many articles I’ve written about both teaching and community organizing, some related to technology and other not.

Links to posts I’ve written for In Practice, the group blog written by teachers working in low-income communities. Many, though not all, of those posts share a certain amount of skepticism I have about the role of educational technology in student learning.

A list of, and links to, the 140 “The Best…” lists I’ve compiled over the past year. The list is categorized by topic. And remember that I continually update even the older lists.

Websites of the Month are the ten or posts I pick each month that I believe are most useful to learning and teaching. They do not include “The Best…” lists, though.

A list of, and links to, the most popular (the most “clicked on”) blog posts from each month.

A list of, and links to, what I think are my favorite posts, again not including “The Best…” lists.

A description of each page on my website that has nearly 9,000 regularly verified links accessible to English Language Learners. That site is designed for student self-access. And here’s a link directly to the website itself.

Information on how to subscribe to a monthly newsletter.

I also have a list of excellent blogs on the blogroll that you can find on my sidebar, as well as links to useful newspaper articles.

And, for what it’s worth, I also have a list of, and links to, awards I have received.  You can also learn a little more about me at About Me.

I hope you find these resources helpful.