Doug Johnson wrote a useful post titled Seven Stupid Mistakes Teachers Make With Technology.

They are helpful points — ones all teachers might want to bear in mind.

I did, however, have a concern about one of them.

Doug wrote this as point number five::

Believing that one’s teaching style need not change to take full advantage of technology. Using technology to simply add sounds and pictures to lectures is stupid. Smart technology use is about changing the roles of teacher and student. The computer-using student can now be the content expert; the teacher becomes the process expert asking questions like – where did you get that information, how do you know it’s accurate; why is it important, how can you let others know what you discovered, and how can you tell if you did a good job? The world has changed and it is rank stupidity not to recognize it and change as well.

This was the comment I left:

Yes, certainly if your teaching style is lecture-oriented, I agree you should change it in the way you suggest (actually, please do so whether or not you use technology). However, I believe that many teachers incorporate that kind of inquiry strategy into their teaching now — and some use technology and some do not. I don’t necessarily think good teachers need to change their style to incorporate technology.

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