Here’s another installment in my series of The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly.  As you may remember, in order to make it on this list, the web tool has to:

* be easily accessible to English Language Learners and/or non-tech savvy computer users.

* allow people to create engaging content within minutes.

* host the user’s creation on the site itself indefinitely, and allow a direct link to be able to be posted on a student or teacher’s website/blog to it (or let it be embedded).

* provide some language-learning opportunity.

* not require any registration.

You can find previous installments of this series with the rest of my “The Best…” lists at Websites Of The Year.

Here are my latest picks:

DESIGN FALLING DOMINOES: Drawminos lets you create elaborate virtual “falling like dominoes” designs and save them. Links to them can be posted on a student/teacher website and then described.

CREATE A SLIDESHOW OF DEADWOOD: Learn about, and create, a historical slideshow of the historical city of Deadwood in Dakota Country. This one only keeps your slideshow for thirty days, though. I decided to include it anyway because I loved the HBO series of the same name so much!

SEND A TALKING MESSAGE: Expressivo is a free online tool that lets you type, or paste, in up to 200 characters and it then “speaks” what your wrote.  It has a great feature that provides a link to what you typed in, and which you can then email or post on a teacher/bog website so that others can see and hear what your wrote.

MAKE A GRAPH OR CHART: Both Graph Jam and Crabby Graph let you make easy charts and graphs for free and will host it for you if you want.

SEND, OR EVEN WRITE, A CHRISTMAS CAROL: At Emoticarolers, you can pick a few emoticons, choose a Christmas carol,  and send it off to a friend or just paste the url on a teacher blog or website. A group of emoticons then sing your carol of choice and, even better, show the words as they sing them.  But that’s not all. If you want, you can write your own words to the carol they sing.

SING A MERRY MESSAGE: The Merry Message comes from Better Homes and Gardens. Have Santa Claus deliver an audio message either by recording your own voice or by using the text-to-speech feature. Students can then post the link to their message on a blog or website.

MAKE A GINGERBREAD MAN: The Gingerbread Man With Everything lets you create your own virtual…gingerbread man and send or post the link.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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