I just wanted to let readers know that, though I’ll continue to be sharing daily posts, the quantity might slow down just a bit over the next few months.  The quality shouldn’t suffer, however.  I have at least forty new “The Best…” lists “up my sleeves” for the coming year, and will continue to update and revise previous ones.  I’ll also be sharing new resources — just probably not at the rate of seven or so each day that I’ve been doing for the past several months.

The reason is because of two major projects I’m doing.

I’m just finishing-up one book about strategies on how schools can better connect with parents (which should be published this coming spring) and am working on a deadline to complete another one on teaching English Language Learners.  In both, a central focus is integrating the lessons I’ve learned from my nineteen year community organizing career with the ones I’ve learned from working in schools over the past five years.

Examples of using technology effectively will also be included.