A future “The Best…” list will be called The Best Collections Of Educational Links. It will be highlighting websites, similar to the Comox Valley School District resource, Internet 4 Classrooms,  the e Tool Box Wiki, or my own site,

To be included on this list, the site must have at least several hundred links easily accessible to students and/or teachers, and the links must be verified that they’re still “live” at least once a year or so (or, at least, it needs to appear to do so — you can usually easily tell if it has a lot of dead links).

I’ve highlighted several in this blog over the past year and will be including them, but I’m sure that there are a lot more out there.

If you make a suggestion and it meets the above criteria, even if I don’t end-up thinking its one of the best I’ll still list it in the post and credit the contributor.

You can either leave the suggestion in the comments section below this post, or contact me directly.

Please send in your suggestions by January 1st.  Thanks!