Jim Burke, the author of several books that have been helpful to many English teachers (including me!) has recently begun a Ning group called English Companion: Where English Teachers Meet To Help Each Other.

Here’s a quote from Jim describing the group:

The Englishcompanion Ning offers English teachers and those who support them a place to meet and share resources, ideas, and stories about their work. It is a commercial-free  site, one committed to helping and celebrating English teachers, especially new and preservice teachers who often lack any way of entering into or familiarity with the professional community. The Englishcompanion Ning, which includes many of the leading voices in the English profession, also offers a chance, through blogs, for others to begin to write about their ideas and experiences in the English classroom.

There are certainly many good education-related Ning groups.  I have to say, though, that English Companion Ning joins — in  my mind, at least — the top tier of them, which includes EFL Classroom 2.0 (begun by David Deubelbeiss); Classroom 2.0 (begun by Steve Hargadon) and the Teacher Librarian Ning (begun by Joyce Valenza)