Word Carnival is a new good game from I Know That, which is on The Best Sites Where Students Can Work Independently & Let Teachers Check On Progress list (when you click on the Word Carnival link, you may be asked if you want to subscribe to I Know That — just click “maybe later” and you’ll be taken directly to the game).

I’ll quote from their announcement describing the game:

To play the game, your children try to fill in four hidden words by selecting letters they think are in the words…A definition accompanies each hidden word. When a word is filled in, it is spoken and an example sentence is presented. Click on the ‘Hear It’ button and the sentence is spoken aloud too.

It’s probably too advanced for Beginning English Language Learners, but any student above that level should be able to have a good time playing and learning with it.

I’ll be adding the link to my website under Vocabulary.