Now, THAT’S a mouthful for a blog post title.

I’ve already posted The Best Year-End Collections Of Images — 2008.  There have also been some other intriguing year-in-review collections of intriguing quotes and short reports that would be accessible to English Language Learners and provide some engaging content.

So, here are my choices for The Best “Year-In-Review” Features That Aren’t Photo Collections — 2008 (not in order of preference):

Parade Magazine has The Best and Worst of 2008.

Newsweek’s feature is called The Year In Quotes.

TIME Magazine has an ambitious section called The Top Ten Of Everything In 2008.

The Year In Ideas is a fascinating interactive from The New York Times.

AOL has a series of features on The Year In News, including the Amazing Stories of 2008. You can access their other categories through links on that same page.

Feel free to provide additional suggestions.

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