I’ve posted in the past about how the ability to make easy screencasts — with audio– could be an excellent learning opportunity for English Language Learners (you might want to take a look at that post). The online tool that has been available, Screencast-O-Matic, works okay for this purpose, but seems a little too complicated.

There’s now a similar tool called Screentoaster that couldn’t be more simple to use, and they’ve just added both the ability to record audio and add subtitles. All you do after you log-in is click on a button, open up the window on your screen that you want to record, and it starts recording your screen.  After that’s been recorded, you can provide audio or subtitles.  And it’s free.

I’ve posted about Screentoaster in the past, but it just opened to the public this week.

I’ve placed it on The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English.