A number of bloggers I subscribe to — Kevin Hodgson, Kevin Jarrett, and Richard Byrne — have recently posted about using a new site/widget called Post Rank. It uses a variety of ways to measure level of “engagement” that readers have with specific blog posts.

I don’t know how accurate their system is, but I’ve installed their widget on the sidebar of this blog.  It’s supposed to regularly update a list of the six posts with the highest level of engagement.  I’ll also include it in this post, but am unsure if it will show-up in an RSS Reader.

I figure it’s just one more tool that blog visitors might find helpful.  I will, however, continue to compile and publish my two other monthly “ranking” posts — Websites of the Month, which highlight the ten posts I personally feel are most useful to educators (and which I send-out as a free monthly newsletter by email) and Most Popular Blog Posts, which list the posts that received the most “clicks” (as well as including a list of the sources of the most blog visitors).