Voice of America’s Special English resources (which provide news, including audio support for the text, using simple English) is on a number of my “The Best…” lists, including The Best news/current events websites for English Language Learners 2007.

Voice of America’s regular site itself, though, has a number of excellent multimedia resources.  Even though they are not specifically designed for English Language Learners, many of their videos and slideshows can be accessible to Intermediate ELL’s.

I’m adding their 2008 Year In Review to The Best Year-End Collections Of Images — 2008.

I’m also adding their video series on the Inauguration to The Best Sites For Learning About The Presidential Inauguration.

Thanks to the US Citizenship Podcast blog (which, by the way, is on The Best Websites For Learning About Civic Participation & Citizenship list) for reminding me of this resource.