This should be one of the last groups of additions to The Best Sites For Learning About The Presidential Inauguration. These are primarily resources to the events that actually occurred today, Inauguration Day (by the way, you can also find more useful inauguration resources at The English Blog):

The extraordinary Inaugural Words site at The New York Times has now added a word cloud of President Obama’s inaugural speech.

Two NY Times slideshows — one called The Scene and the other titled The Ceremony.

TIME Magazine also has two slideshows — How Barack Obama Prepared His Speech and Barack Obama’s Inauguration

MSNBC has an online video of the President’s speech with the transcript shown as the words are spoken.

Newsweek has a slideshow of the inaugural crowd.

MSNBC has a good slideshow showing the worldwide celebration of the new president’s inauguration.

Obama’s Moment In History is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.