There are some interesting resources that have come-out today related to the Inauguration, and I figured I’d make one last list of additions to The Best Sites For Learning About The Presidential Inauguration:

The Big Picture from the Boston Globe, which is just about the best source of news photos out there, just published The Inauguration of President Barack Obama collection.

Delve Networks has applied their audio search technology to the Inaugural Speech. Basically, you type in a word in the search box below the video, and then a heat map (colored strips) will appear showing words that are related. You can then click on the stripes to be brought to the part of the video where the related words are spoken by President Obama. For example, I typed in “equality” and was shown where he spoke the words “men” and “women.” It could be an intriguing word exercise for English Language Learners (thanks to Mashable for the tip).

In The Moment is an excellent multimedia presentation by the Washington Post.

The World Watches Obama’s Inauguration comes from TIME Magazine and shows worldwide reaction.