I just learned from Phyllis’ Favorites about what looks like a great resource called Watching America. It provides English translations of what newspapers around the world are saying about world events — and, in particular, what they’re saying about what is happening in the United States.

These materials could be very useful in a number of ways.

One way that comes to mind immediately relates to something I included in The “Best” Resources For Learning About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

The Peace Research Institute In The Middle East (PRIME) is an organization comprised of Israelis and Palestinians who have developed high school materials on the Middle East that are used in both communities.  As a Newsweek article explains, each page is divided into three: the Palestinian and Israeli narratives and a third section left blank for the pupil to fill in. “The idea is not to legitimize or accept the other’s narrative but to recognize it..”

This instructional strategy could be used for many lessons, not just for the Middle East.  And Watching America could be a source for one of the views.