All the links on this post are “live.” However, many don’t discuss the most recent events in President Obama’s life. As his Presidency draws to a close, many media outlets will be creating retrospective features, and I’ll begin posting these at the top bold:

Obama: A Virtual Museum of His Presidency is from The Washington Post.

This is the latest in a group of “The Best…” lists I’m developing around the United States’ Presidency. The others in this series include:

The Best Sites To Learn About U.S. Presidential Elections

The Best Sites For Learning About The Presidential Inauguration

The Best Sites To Learn About U.S. Presidents

The Best Sites For Learning About President Obama’s Second Inauguration

There are obviously a lot of resources out there telling Barack Obama’s life story.  I thought it might be useful to highlight a few of them that seem particularly accessible to English Language Learners.  Some of them are already scattered among the previous three lists in this series, but I decided to bring them all together, and add some more, in one list.

Here are my picks for The Best Places To Learn About President Barack Obama’s Life:

This is a nice overview of Obama’s life from the Associated Press.

The New York Times has a good interactive slideshow on the life of Barack Obama.

The Biography Channel has a multi-part online video series on his life.

Obama’s Road To The White House is an audio slideshow from the Sydney Morning Herald. It’s particularly interesting because they use Obama’s own voice and words to narrate his life story.

Scholastic has written a short biography in language accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners.

EL Civics has a Barack Obama biography designed for ELL’s.

The excellent Famous People Lessons site has a  Barack Obama Lesson Plan.  You can listen to the information about President-Elect Obama first, and then students can click on “Online Exercise.” It also has a number of activities you can print-out.

The Guardian paper in the UK has a lengthy audio slideshow on Barack Obama: The Road To The White House.

ABC has a simple slideshow of his life.

Enchanted Learning has a simple cloze about President Obama.

Obama’s First Term is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Video & Transcript Of President Obama’s Farewell Address

You Draw It: What Got Better or Worse During Obama’s Presidency is a phenomenal New York Times interactive.

Please feel free to suggest additional sites.

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