I had a little extra time today and thought I’d come-up with a short-and-sweet “The Best…” list sharing places that provide information on education-related grants.

All of these are very similar in that they list different available grants, deadlines to apply, and links for getting additional information, so I won’t describe them individually. And, except for one, they’re all free!

You might also want to check out The Best Resources On – & Advice For Using – Donors Choose (Please Share Your Experiences!).

My picks for The Best Places To Learn About Education Grants are (in no particular order):

* Grant Wrangler

* Grants Alert

* Education Funding Watch

* Edutopia Grant Information

* e School News Grants & Funding Alert (costs $35 per year)

* eSchool Funding News

* Digital Wish

* Scholastic has a Grants and Funding section, which also includes helpful grantwriting tips. What Do Winning Proposals Have In Common? is a particularly useful article on their site.

* And, last but not least, there’s Donors Choose.

* Fundraising and Grant Resources for Tech Integration is a useful article from Edutopia.

* Edutopia also has a recorded Webinar: “The Fundamentals of Funding: How to Identify, Write, and Submit Grants for School and Program Initiatives”

7 Places to Get Free Supplies or Money for Your Classroom is an excellent post by Richard Byrne.

Am I The Only Person In The Ed World Who Had Not Heard Of “Think It Up”?

Get Ed Funding

No Begging Required: Teachers Share 5 Creative Ways to Fund Classroom Technology is from Ed Surge.

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